Networking support

Mini Mike hemstock at
Mon Jul 23 16:49:56 CDT 2001

Hmm, I've tried to get napster to work though my proxy server, I point it at
the servers IP and the socks5 port 1080, but it refuses to connect.  I have
also tried to get GTA to work on an internal network game, but it could not
find any hosts (even though there was one.)  Does WINE need to be
configuered for network use?  Does it use the Linux config, a wine.conf
setting or do I need to hack the windows registry?  Or is there something
else I need to do?

Many thanks,
"gerard patel" <g.patel at> wrote in message
news:3b5b7516.1369881 at
> On Sun, 22 Jul 2001 21:40:14 +0100, "Mini Mike"
> <hemstock at> wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me if WINE has any networking support?  Specifically I
> >like to know if it supports TCP/IP
> <snip>
> Wine has Winsock support (that's the name Ms gives
> to the classic TCP/IP protocol). This allow news readers
> and mailers to work under current Wine (and it is working
> since a long time).
> > and IPX
> I don't know. IIRC there is things in the source about
> IPX but even if this has worked I can't say if it works
> in current Cvs.
> Gerard

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