Startting Linux App via Wined App

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Thu Jul 26 05:42:01 CDT 2001

Grant <grant_williamson at> wrote:
: Can you give me an example of that, please.

: In article <9jn9bb$dk1$1 at>, "Uwe Bonnes"
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:> Grant <grant_williamson at> wrote: : Is there any interface,
:> which can be used to call a Native Linux app : to start up, from within
:> a Win32 application. CreateProcess withe the executable pointing to the
:> Linux Executable with a Path in  Dos Convention should do.

For the syntax of CreateProcess, look at the Microsoft webpage. 
If you have a winelib application, you should be able to start a linux
application in the normal way that one linux application starts another, see
e.g  man 3 system

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