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Sun Jun 10 09:39:16 CDT 2001

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Mikkel Mastrup wrote:

> Thanks for your help. I'm gonna go try it right away.
> >It doesn't.  desktop is no longer a command option to wine.  If you want
> >it, you must put it in the config file, but you may specify a different
> >desktop (or no desktop) for each application.  See man wine.conf.
> Why has it been removed? I think it was very usefull.

If I understand it right, it is a matter of timing.  It is not
convenient for the wineserver to get at the wine command line - some
instances of wine may start after the wineserver has started and chosen
its options, FI - so options the wineserver has to handle it needs to
read from the config file or the environment.  --desktop as a command
line option got in the way of improvements Alexandre was making to the
wineserver, same as --config before it, so it had to go.

Yes, it was useful, but being able to desktop, DllOverrides, and other
options for each individual application should ease the pain some.
> Mikkel Mastrup

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