winelib with a dll

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Tue Jun 19 18:23:45 CDT 2001

Sorry to bug you all, but I want to know if I am trying to do something

I am trying to use winelib to compile an exe that links to a dll, without
compiling the dll under winelib (i.e. the equivalent of simply linking in
the .lib).

I have a win32 DLL project (hw5) that generates a hw5.lib, hw5.dll and
hw5.h under M$.
I have a win32 gui exe project (hw6) that includes hw5.h, links to hw5.lib
and calls hw5.dll at runtime.

I copy the hw6 project to linux, with the hw6.h,lib,dll and try to create a
linux hw6.

Should I be able to do that or is that outside the scope of winelib?


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