Remote/Local X differences

Tony tony at
Tue Jun 26 18:31:16 CDT 2001

"Local" is a Debian SID laptop.  This is the machine on which Wine 
runs-- XFree86 4.03.  "Remote" is a Sunray, so it is essentially a Sun 
Xsun Xserver.  I have tried this on an 8-bit NCD X server, though, with 
the same results.

This is a followup to a post ("X11: Oracle Forms runs fine locally, but 
not remotely") from 6/20.

To sum up: I have an application using Oracle Forms.  The application 
runs beautifully on the local Linux box; but the same application 
displayed to a remote Xserver has one small problem.  There is a "Quick 
Entry" field that allows you to type in the name of a form, and the 
application jumps directly to the form.  On the local box, you type the 
name of the form, hit "Return," and it takes you right to that form, 
just as it should.

On the remote display, however, when you hit return, the application 
simply gives the same error it gives when you press an undefined 
function key.

I have studied the key handling source, done some additional debugging, 
and figured out that the problem is in the Oracle Forms DLL ifrcm60. 
I've added the output from --debugmsg +all, output from the place where 
the form should load.  The code up to this point is pretty similar. 
 From this point on, however, it completely diverges.

I don't expect anyone to figure it out from all this; I would simply 
like a little advice-- Where do I go from here?  There must be a clue 
that I'm missing.

Thanks for listening.

				- Tony


08067e10:RET  ifrcm60.942: simfr() retval = 00000000 ret=5df63905 
08067e10:CALL ifrcm60.38: iccsrl(40ec8f50,443adb84 "GJAPCTL") ret=5df63913
08067e10:RET  ifrcm60.38: iccsrl() retval = 443adb84 ret=5df63913 
08067e10:CALL ifrcm60.622: 
itbtas(40ec8f50,00000004,00000023,405c6484,405c6460) ret=5def5f25
08067e10:CALL uirem60.390: utbntg(40fb2ba0,40426c72,405c641c) ret=5d131fbb
08067e10:RET  uirem60.390: utbntg() retval = 00000000 ret=5d131fbb 
08067e10:CALL uirem60.391: utbntf(40fb2ba0,405c641c) ret=5d132029
08067e10:RET  uirem60.391: utbntf() retval = 00000000 ret=5d132029 


08067e10:CALL ifrcm60.38: iccsrl(40ec93dc,43f76e28 "GJAPCTL") ret=5df63913
08067e10:RET  ifrcm60.38: iccsrl() retval = 43f76e28 ret=5df63913 
08067e10:CALL ifrcm60.456: 
iftgcf(40ed44fc,43de9658,00000008,0000001c,00000000) ret=5df0a27d
08067e10:RET  ifrcm60.456: iftgcf() retval = 43de9568 ret=5df0a27d 
08067e10:CALL ifrcm60.945: simmal() ret=5df29877
08067e10:Call ntdll.RtlEnterCriticalSection(40fb2400) ret=67f27f21
08067e10:Ret  ntdll.RtlEnterCriticalSection() retval=00000000 ret=67f27f21
08067e10:Call ntdll.RtlLeaveCriticalSection(40fb2400) ret=67f27f51

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