WinNT and oleaut32.dll

Reinhard Karcher rkarcher at
Wed Jun 27 04:32:03 CDT 2001

Andreas Mohr Usenet 06/01 <p4hivr001 at> wrote:

>> Oleaut32.dll didn't show on linux using vfat, all other ole-dlls where
>> visible.
> *no way*
> (V)FAT doesn't have a "hidden" mount option, like e.g. iso9660 has.
> That's why it *must* show up.
> If it doesn't, then this file doesn't exist with a probability of about
> 99.3% ;-)
Acctually, I suppose it must have been the uppercase O; all other dlls start
with lowercase o. I did an mput ole* with ftp. Perhaps I used ls ole* to
search for it too. Thanks for your answer.


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