Probs with wine/DirectX

Adam Majer adamm at
Sat Jun 30 21:09:34 CDT 2001

Wine doesn't have DirectX6 yet (at least that's what says in docs)..
IMO, any program worth looking into would not use horror as DirectX in
the first place (at least for 3D) - OpenGL is at least portable.

MindTrip wrote:
> So I got wine working.... sort of.  I was never able to run 'wineinstall'
> b/c if i try to run it under my ordinary login, it halts at 'config' and
> says I don't have permission, but if I log in as root, I can change
> directories to the /usr/src/wine/tools and I can see 'wineinstall' and
> 'config' as executable files (I even chmod a+x them to be sure) but when at:
> root# wineinstall (or config)
> it replies
> bash: command or file not found
> But I can run things like sol.exe and other non-directX programs through
> wine, although they may be buggy.  But when trying to run halflife, or any
> other directX program for that matter, I get the window
> ______________________________
> | Half-Life requires DirectX 6.0 or later  |
> |  <OK>             <Cancel>                         |
> |_____________________________|
> just as if I were running it in Win95/98 without DirectX installed.  But
> I've looked through every faq and how-to I can find, and no one mentions
> this kind of problem.
> Is this a wine configuration problem?  I do get  a message in the terminal
> window (as it's running wine):  You need to install WinMM (etc)   But how
> can I run wineinstall when I don't have the proper permissions in a regular
> session, and the root session doesn't seem to recognize 'wineinstall' as a
> valid executable??
> mindtrip at

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