IPX issues

Michael Karcher michael.karcher at dpk.berlin.fido.de
Fri Mar 2 17:04:29 CST 2001

Nix N. Nix <nix at go-nix.ca> wrote:

> My kernel is configured with every possible IPX-related setting compiled-in:
> "The IPX Protocol" == CONFIG_IPX
Should of couse be on.
> "IPX: Full Internal IPX network" == CONFIG_IPX_INTERN
Disable it! wine does not work with this setting.

Michael Karcher

> [Microsoft wirbt:] "Ein offenes Betriebssystem kann schon mal mutieren."
Mutieren tun vor allem MS-proprietäre Dateiformate.

                            -- Frank Fürst in <8sv525$llg3f$1 at fu-berlin.de>

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