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Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at sneakemail.com
Wed Mar 7 10:15:52 CST 2001

Stefan Meyer <stem at stem.de> wrote:
> Hi!

> When I started Wine (some Jan. 2001 version), it moved some
> directories from my windows partition, renamed them and made
> them write-protected. As I ran down Linux and restarted
> Windows, the moved directories still were there. I had to
> rename them and to move them back.

> How can I tell Wine not to mess up my windows directory structure?
Simple. You can't ;)
That's why I added that backup statement to the README.

(it seems to be caused by missing registry keys)

Somebody should examine it and try to find out whether we can do anything
to get rid of that problem.

Uwe, any progress ? Or didn't you intend to solve it ?

Andreas Mohr

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