Excel on Wine

Sats satheesh at imrglobal.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 11:53:25 CST 2001


I happen to get the same error for Redhat linux as well and i tried the
ldconfig stuff but still I get the error.
I actually used winemaker to create a configure file and thats what is
giving me the error of ntdll not found.
Also any ideas where I can get the mfc,atl includes for wine?

thanks in advance

"Louis Kouvaris" <louis at rcarson.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote in message
news:3AA65368.1363EDCB at rcarson.gsfc.nasa.gov...
> I have been playing with Wine for the past year and admiring its
> progress.
> I am most interested in running Excel on it. For a while, I had about
> 80% functionality out of it but lately it (Excel 5) has been crashing
> before it is fully loaded. First it puts up a dialog window saying it
> can't use shared objects and then another window saying it can't use VBA
> and then crashes. Thus now functionality now. It seems taht something
> broke that once worked. Any comments? Wine (2001 March) itself doesn't
> seem to be doing the crashing.

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