SourceSafe, Win2K vs WinMe

Daniel Foesch krach42 at
Wed Mar 7 21:41:56 CST 2001

>> > I have Win2K and WinMe installed. What is the better "base" OS for wine?
>> > I WinMe, what is the correct profile path for wine configuration?
>> ME.
>> "profile path" ?
>> You mean the registry file settings ? No idea, sorry, check the docu
>> (if there is one :-\).
>I mean 
>"Profile"="some path which I cannot find in winme"
>Which document should I check? MS internal documents?:)

No, just make the directory, then leave it the way it is... If your programs
don't actually use the directory, they won't have a problem, if they do, then
they're probably out of an NT-version (NT 4.0 and Win2k) which means they'll
probably expect you to be Administrator, and you'll already have the right
directory there.

Basicly, make the directory, and don't worry about it.

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