Half-Life sound problem

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Thu Mar 8 11:25:33 CST 2001

On 8 Mar 2001, Markus Holzapfel wrote:

> Hi,

> Has anyone a script which copies a win partion to a 'link
> partition'? I noticed that the open file dialogue in media
> player can't follow directory links so i wanted to set up
> a mount point which had the same directory structure as
> the win directory and used symlinks for the files. With
> this setup it would be easy to replace links you need
> write access to with a copy of the original file and keep
> the win partition write protected. Something like
> find /mnt/windows -type d -exec mkdir -p {} . \;
> find /mnt/windows -type f -exec ln -s {} . \;
> I'm starting to write such a script myself but if anyone
> has a working solution ;-)
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus

That looks like you want to make your "link partition" in the current
directory?  How about,

cp -RasP /mnt/windows .

I think that should do about what you want.


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