Wine-20010305 - MS Word97 - FlashWindow loop

J.B. Lethbridge lethbridge at
Sun Mar 11 02:42:39 CST 2001


I'm relatively new to the list; I must join the chorus of praise
for wine and the time devoted to it by all invloved, and for
the help one gets from this list.

About flashing Word, I hope this helps:

When an application flashes that way in Windows it means it
has crashed for some reason.  Under Wine it is just doing
its usual thing I suppose.

MSWord 97 does that to me when I try the 'desktop' option.
I usually use 'managed' and it works fine -- or at any rate
no worse than under Windows.  It also works well with no
options specified on the command line.

I run wine 20010216 which I compiled myself.  If you need to
know more, please do ask.

Has anyone solved the problem of 'can't read file ......'
when trying to install MS Office under wine which was
mentioned a few posts back?

It would be a great stride forward for Linux if one could
use the applications but not have to clog up a computer with
two operating systems.  I dare say MS Office is the main
reason most people have to keep windows; in my line of work
it is required standard unfortunately.  I dare say, too that
not being able to use it under Linux without windows is a
big reason many people don't bother with Linux.

Julian Lethbridge

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