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Sat Mar 17 01:33:50 CST 2001

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Michele wrote:

> Hi there
> I have a problem I can't get out of.Compiling my libfile.spec it says:
> undefined reference to 'DllMain'.(It is claimed in the function
> __wine_spec_file_init).All the attempts I have done to resolve the
> problem have been useless.
> Please help me to get rid of it!
> Thanks in advance
> Michele
> P.S: I have tried both the version 20010305 tar and rpm.

Script started on Sat Mar 17 02:11:06 2001
[whit at giftie Wine-20010305]$ find -type f -name libfile.spec
[whit at giftie Wine-20010305]$ exit

Script done on Sat Mar 17 02:11:37 2001

by this I guess you are trying to write a winelib program or dll named
libfile?  In that case, you would normally code a file named libfile.c
and the entry point for that program has to be named the same thing that
is named in the


line in libfile.spec.  Either change your c code to match the .spec

int DllMain(int argc, char *argv[])

(wild speculation here.  I use something like that for a winelib
program, but entry points for winelib programs are not normally named
DllMain, but usually wine_main or Wine_Main - but it's just a name).

or change your .spec file to match your c code:

init mydll

or change them both, just so init in the .spec names the function you
want to begin the winelib program or dll with, and you define it in the
c code.  I don't think that name can be main, at least for a winelib
program.  I think that is used by the hidden winelib init code, but
ICBW, of course.


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