Coles OnLine under Wine? (Australian retailer)

David dnospamhammerton at
Sat Mar 17 03:59:45 CST 2001

mine doesnt even install (just get a blank dialog box when i run the

btw, for anyone that cares, the .exe can be found here..


In article <BiEs6.6107$992.37120 at>, "Stephen
Robert Norris" <srn at> wrote:

> Has anyone had any sucess with the Coles OnLine tool under Wine? I got
> the installer to run without any pain, but the main thing doesn't seem
> to want to go. I'm actually having trouble just knowing what to run.
> I've found the only installed .exe, which seems to be something called
> WinSurfer, but it barfs and puts up an empty dialogue box :(
> I can supply the output with various flags (I've been looking at
> --debugmsg
> +module,+file with no revelations).
> Any help at all or hints or suggestions or just plain guesses would be
> appreciated.
> 	Stephen

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