wine.conf newbie problem +user32.dll

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Mon Mar 19 14:33:20 CST 2001

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Benton wrote:

> I seem to have gotten past one hurdle and on to the next. It seems that the problem that
> I was having relates to poorly documented changes in the config files in the HOWTO.
> I now have /root/.wine/config which seems to solve the old drive problem. However, here
> is my new error.
> [root at pato .wine]# cp /etc/wine.conf ~/.winerc
> cp: overwrite `/root/.winerc/wine.conf'? y
> [root at pato .wine]# wine  -winver win31 -desktop 640x480 /win98/windows/sol.exe
> Warning: configuration loaded by the server from '/root/.wine/config',
>          file '/root/.winerc' was ignored.
> err:module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load .so lib for builtin user32.dll: symbol
> __sysconf, version GLIBC_2.2 not defined in file with link time reference
> Cannot load user32.dll

Read what you post.  The answer is right here ^^^^.
> This could easily be due to bad configuration files as well. I tried looking for
> user32.dll in the FAQ and found nothing.
> Can anyone point me to more detailed resources for Wine configuration files and Wine
> troubleshooting information?
> Thanks in advance!
> B

Looks like you are using a ready-made Wine, not brewing your own, and
you didn't bother to choose one that could run on your system.  That one
was linked with glibc-2.2, and can't run with an earlier glibc.  If you
build it from source, Wine is happy to run with glibc-2.1.x or even

Use the source, pay a little attention when you select a ready-made
Wine, or upgrade glibc to the latest and greatest.  Your choice.

---cut here

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