Half-Life Counterstrike Update?

Christof Kälin andromexus at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 20 16:05:15 CST 2001

Daniel Foesch wrote:

>>I receive an error and invitation to debug, when I try to update any patch
>>to hl. through internet (SIERRA-Tool) does also not work. Any ideas?
>>live long and prosper
> Internet updates are not known to work, though downloading and applying
> patches
> is known to work.  Not everything works with wine (yet) so if you can't do
> one thing, and there is a fast and easy alternative, you should at least
> try it
> first.  :)
> Daniel "Krach" Foesch
> ---------------------
> "I'm all in favor of regulations dictating a standard placement of
> directions on frozen foods" -Lyle McCracken
Thanks. By the way: I use emulated Windows and have german Version of HL 
(should not be a matter...)
But I have all Updates on CD and installed first the 1100-Patch. Worked. 
But the next one Patch made an error telling me having a too old version 
1011 or something, even though the first patch has been completely 
installed. I know I'm a Newbie, but nobody told me I have to screw up with 
**ç%*%" Windows-Registry!!
live long and prosper

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