Street Atlas 8.0?

Urban Lindberg qinxuli at
Tue Mar 27 06:23:28 CST 2001

gerard patel wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 06:16:56 GMT, Patrick Berge <pberge at>
> wrote:
> >I get the starting splash screen from SA8.0 and a bunch of fixme:font
> >messages (I don't think  I care about these?).
> No
> >Then I get both a
> >Windows box stating "Failed to create empty document."
> This is probably the problem. It can be a problem with
> long file names (either a bug or you not using the right type
> for the drive in your config file). Try to install in a directory
> on a path with only 8.3 disk/directory names.

I don't know much about WINE internals, but you can get this in a
windoze(95) env. too. I can't remember which app it was, but it popped
a messagebox that had the same message ("Failed to create empty
and it also recomended me to download latest version of IE (where it
be an updated DLL, that was needed by the app). I did and it worked.
I don't know it this is of any help to you, but I thought it could
be worth mentioning.

Urban L

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