Tale of kernel 2.2.19 upgrading

Toby Haynes thaynes at ca.ibm.com
Tue Mar 27 15:07:50 CST 2001

I'm a bit of newbie to Wine in many respects so this may be obvious to more
seasoned Wine veterans, in which case I apologize.

I rely on Wine to run Lotus Notes on Linux - this project has released me from
my NT workstation :-) So after a kernel upgrade from 2.2.17-21mdk (as supplied
with Mandrake 7.2) to an unpatched 2.2.19 about the first thing I tried was
Lotus Notes on Wine. Parts of it came up - I could get the simplistic welcome
screen up, but any attempt to contact the mail server would blow up and the
process would take 100%CPU for a while before dying. The symptoms were a
Critical section time out, followed by an Unhandled exception code 0x00000005
error. This was with a precompiled Wine binary from December.

After much hair pulling, swapping of DLLs and similar hijinx, I came across a
message noting that Wine breaks if you upgrade to 2.4 and requires
recompiling. In desperation I grabbed the latest source release and built the
whole caboodle. Success!

So to keep this tale short - if you upgrade to kernel 2.2.19, you may need to
recompile WINE to fix any errant problems. And to the Wine hackers, this
version seems to be even more solid than that December binary - I'm seriously
impressed. Good work!

Toby Haynes

Toby Haynes
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