Luca illorai at
Mon Nov 5 18:53:52 CST 2001

Ulrich Schweitzer wrote:

> Keith <justme_yo at> wrote:
>>Hopefully somebody can help me.  I am trying to get Morpheus working under
>>Wine.  The GUI works fine, searching works fine, but when I attempt to
>>download something, it fails.  The download appears in the download tab,
>>but fails before I even switch over.
> I have also tried getting Morpheus to run and failed. If you find out
> how to get it working, it'd be great if you shared how you did it.
> Thanks
> Ulrich

For you info, Kazaa (same as Morpheus) has released a client for Linux.  
It's not an X application, but it is menu-driven and it works pretty well.  
Maybe you should give it a shot.


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