problem : Compilation

Christophe stoff at
Tue Nov 6 09:32:16 CST 2001

Hello to everybody,

  Small problem of compilation... This affects all the versions of wine 
(at least the 3 last ones + the cvs).
  The error message:

debug.c:23: redefinition of `struct option'
make: *** [debug.o] Erreur 1

Precision, the debug.c is situated in library. So, I think that it comes 
from my config, but I not see where exactly.
I not found  information in the archives of this newsgroup, nor in the 
bugtrack list on winehq or somewhere else
on the net...


Debian (Woody)
kernel 2.4.12
gcc 2.95.4
libc6 2.2.4
xfree (packages 4.1.0-9)

Thanks for your help.

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