error: map_image

Andreas Mohr Usenet 10/01 a31dgo001 at
Tue Nov 6 12:50:40 CST 2001

gerard patel <g.patel at> wrote:
> On 03 Nov 2001 20:42:00 +0100, Felix Natter <f.natter at> wrote:

>>can you tell we what this error means:
>>$ wine Dr\ Goo\ 2.exe 
>>err:module:map_image Could not map section .text, file probably truncated
>>wine: can't exec '"Dr Goo 2.exe"': error=21
>>Some programs work fine, most give me the error above.
>>Programs using winelib also work fine.

> Probably a virus.
If it's indeed a virus, then please tell us so that we can include this
warning here.

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