trying to create a WinNT rescue disk

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Thu Nov 8 20:47:27 CST 2001

On 8 Nov 2001, Jim Morash wrote:

> I have probably a rather unusual problem. I have a computer with WinNT
> already installed on it, plus RedHat7.2, and would like to try and
> create a repair disk for the WinNT install (I'm no longer able to boot
> NT, though I have no problem starting the NT bootloader - after I
> choose Windows NT 4.0 and it starts to boot, I get a BSOD with
> reference to being unable to access the bootloader (which was just
> running...!?). So, I thought I might try and run rdisk.exe and create
> a repair disk, using Wine. The only problem is, I can't get rdisk.exe
> to access the floppy drive. Any suggestions?
> if you could email me a copy of your response that would make my life
> easier! Thanks very much for your time, whoever reads this.
> --Jim Morash
> jmorash at

I don't know it it will help, but do you use a --winver?  If you don't,
Wine will tell the app it is win95.  This may encourage the app to
misbehave.  I'd try --winver nt40, --winver nt351, and maybe even
--winver win31.  Maybe exporting the NT registry and feeding it to
<wine>/programs/regapi would help too.  I don't know if regedit.exe
or whatever works in wine, though.

You don't say how you came by the broken NT bootloader.  Did you install
lilo into the MBR?  I think there is a hidden NT install option to make
it install its bootloader into the partition boot sector where lilo (or
grub) can chain boot it, but by default part of the NT loader goes in
the MBR.  I don't know this first hand, I used wfw 3.11 for a while
until I got juno working with Wine-970914 then gradually wfw
3.11 atrophied from 2 little vfat partitions to a tar.gz.


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