Codeweavers vs. RedHat distribution?

drovar drovar at
Sun Nov 11 13:22:46 CST 2001

In article <GldH7.4355$vM6.175468 at>, "F. James Rohlf"
<rohlf at> wrote:

> I am using the version of wine that came with RedHat 7.2. I just noticed
> that Codeweavers has their own distribution of wine that includes what
> looks like a convenient setup configuration utility. What are the pros
> and cons of uninstalling what I got from RedHat and downloading and
> installing the rpm from Codeweavers?
> Thanks

Codeweavers' Wine does have a nice setup routine. If you're kind of new
to wine it's a big help. However, RedHat probably has a newer version of
Wine in its distribution. I'd say that if you have Wine configured and
running well then leave it alone until Codeweavers comes out with a newer

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