Good free Web Graphics Progmans

Daeron daeronREMOVE at
Tue Nov 13 18:53:34 CST 2001

Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> To be honest, I've only used gimp a little (I use Photoimpact by Ulead in
> the windows world) so I'm not an expert in it.  Maybe someone else can
> answer the gimp issues.
> I guess the short answer is no - I don't.  
 No, that's fine, response appreciated.

> Not realizing you wanted windows I just gave some suggestions 
 Yes that was my fault, I'd re-drafted the original post  hadn't realised 
I'd removed the "Windows" specification. - which is why I went & issued a 
cancel on the post yesterday.
 - Actually your mention of Photoimpact does help - i do have a old 
copy/license of that floating around. I seem to recall an impression of it 
being a bit basic, but if it runs o.k. under Wine it would provide a "proof 
of concept" & allow a show-off of running a Windows graphic app under UNIX 
-which is what I'm looking for. - Now if I could just get OpenOffice to 
compile , then I should have a round enough system to hand over.

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