Good free Web Graphics Progmans

Ian Molton imolton at
Tue Nov 13 18:59:00 CST 2001

On a sunny Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:39:23 +1100 Daeron gathered a sheaf of
electrons and etched in their motions the following immortal words:

> Ian Molton wrote:

> > I think we're being TROLLED here.
>  no, I ask a perfectly civil question and instead I get a bunch of people

> telling me that I should be using Gimp instead.

Err. no. you didnt say you werent using / wouldnt use the Gimp. So people
brought it to your attention.

when you criticised it (rightly, to some degree), someone pointed out the
shortcommings of your criticism.

and there the thread should have ended.

Dont act so defensive. no one said 'you stupid f*ck, go and use the gimp'
now, did they?

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