Wine exits immediately to debugger (_dl_relocate_object -- glibc2.2.3)

gerard patel g.patel at
Thu Nov 15 06:35:12 CST 2001

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001 22:09:10 GMT, jkreager at wrote:

>added --prefix=/usr/local/wine to CONFARGS in file).  When I try to
>run any program with any sort of system of calling wine it exits
>immediately and starts the debugger with something like the following

Make sure that you don't use any 'native' dlls in the
config file (all dlloverride set to builtin, native including
the default one). Sol.exe should run after that.

>I notice that the trace seems to end in a call to dl-reloc.c.  I don't 
>know if this is a bogus message produced by something else, but I did
>build glibc2.2.3 from source awhile ago.  Everything else I have
>linked against it seems to work fine.

You should take  in account the complexity of the app
for this kind of comparison. If you have linked other
heavyweights like Mozilla, OpenOffice, Kde I think
you can be confident that your config is all right.
If 'everything else' includes only 10000 lines of code
applications (or less) that's not so sure.


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