BatBoy "batboy\" at (none)>
Tue Nov 20 03:59:05 CST 2001

thanks for that. i'll check it out later :)

gerard patel wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:04:42 +1100, BatBoy <""batboy\"@(none)> wrote:
>>Hi all, im a wine newbie and im struggling to understand how to setup my 
>>ide cd writer in my config so that nero sees it. its currently emulated 
>>as a scsi drive. its device name is /dev/scd1
>>if anyone can help me out i'd appreciate it. thanks in advance
> I remember that someone having succeeded to use nero
> under Wine has posted a howto on this news group.
> Use archive ( to get at it.
> Gerard

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