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Wed Nov 21 12:04:52 CST 2001

Thomas Steffen <for_replies_only at> wrote:
> Thomas Steffen <for_replies_only at> writes:

> (update to the earlier post:)

>> I tried to run MS Visio in wine, and it breaks while loading the first
>> file or template. It says 

>> Fault 1: Unexpected EOF
> ...

> Ok, Visio works if you specify an argument that is no visio file. In
> that case the open file dialog box does not appear. You can draw but
> not save :-(
Hmm, open file dialog problems yet again ??

> Daniel suggested using a native shell32.dll. But this results in an
> "unhandled exception at 0000:0000" before the open dialog box is
> opened. Any idea what is wrong there? I had all the dll from commdlg
> to comctl32 set to native, did I miss any? The only two messages are:

> fixme:imm:ImmGetContext (0x00020022): stub
Yeah, you did miss some ;-)

> So, any ideas about shell32.dll?

> the wine build is from todays cvs. 
Try an older one.
Current Wine is *very* unstable IMHO.
(lots of stuff that used to work has problems right now)
Well, thinking some more about it, I'm not totally sure about current CVS.
Mine is from last weekend.

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