Faking system time

Eduardo G. Andrade eduardo at ibiz.com.br
Wed Nov 21 14:51:54 CST 2001


nevermind, found it myself, pretty straightforwards...


hacked it, works beautifully.

but, itd be cool to make it a run-time option (like wine --sysdate='20000101')

any hint on that?


Eduardo G. Andrade wrote:

> Hello all.
> I am trying to use WINE to make a windoze-only development environment 
> (very rudimentar, command line cross-compiler and stuff)
> under Linux, because GNU make is far superior from the M$'s 'nmake'.
> Anyway, I have some trouble with expirating licenses and stuff, and the 
> solution is to revert the system date back to some
> valid thing and then compile.
> Since I am now running it under WINE (yeah! it *almost* works great), I 
> wonder if it is possible to hack wine so it tells
> the executed program some different date and time (changing systime in 
> Linux tends to wreak havoc with makefiles and stuff)
> Can someone point out where the unix-to-windoze sysdate translation is 
> done so I can hack it?


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