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Thu Nov 22 09:40:25 CST 2001

Eduardo G. Andrade <eduardo at> wrote:
> Hello,

> Have solved all my problems with WINE, but one, which seems harder ;-)

> I have to run a little proggie "filesign.exe", and the lil bastartd
> relies heavily on advapi32.dll crypto stuff, (CryptAcquireContextA(), for example).

>  From what I read on the code (dlls/advapi32/crypt.c), most of this functions
> are stubs, so no luck (it crashes all over with the return FALSEs)

> So, I tried it with the "native" advapi32.dll, but wine barfs on me with
> the following crap:
Forget native advapi32. It's system dependent.

Instead talk with some other guys that planned to work on this (crypto).
Search recent wine-devel list archive data for details.

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