WINE ASPI support and my Polaroid SprintScan 35 Plus

Mark A. Haun markhaun at
Thu Nov 22 11:10:01 CST 2001

gerard patel wrote:

> I'll just point the problematic things in the trace.
>>0807ba78:Call KERNEL.74: OPENFILE(0x01ef28b2 
>>ret=029f:3e34 ds=02af
>>0807ba78:Ret  KERNEL.74: OPENFILE() retval=0xffff ret=029f:3e34 ds=02af
> Search for the rs270016.dll file and does not find it. Is it installed
> on your system ? Placed under the Twain/ directory like that it is
> likely to be a hardware driver dll.

Actually, there is no rs270016.dll file in my [working] Win3.1 install. 
  It must be checking for something that might be there but isn't really 

>>0807ba78:Call KERNEL.127: GETPRIVATEPROFILEINT(0x02af041f 
>>"Preferences",0x02af0417 "debugOn",0x0000,0x01ef29dc 
>>"C:\\WINDOWS\\TWAIN\\CS2700\\35mm.ini") ret=029f:3810 ds=02af
>>0807ba78:Ret  KERNEL.127: GETPRIVATEPROFILEINT() retval=0x0000 
>>ret=029f:3810 ds=02af
>>0807ba78:Call KERNEL.127: GETPRIVATEPROFILEINT(0x02af0434 
>>"Preferences",0x02af042b "scriptOn",0x0000,0x01ef29dc 
>>"C:\\WINDOWS\\TWAIN\\CS2700\\35mm.ini") ret=029f:3828 ds=02af
>>0807ba78:Ret  KERNEL.127: GETPRIVATEPROFILEINT() retval=0x0000 
>>r0807ba78:Ret  USER.176: LOADSTRING() retval=0x007d ret=0297:e258 ds=02af
>>0807ba78:Call USER.421: WVSPRINTF(02af:26b6,0x02af2846 "Windows support 
>>for SCSI was not found.\nIf using an Adaptec SCSI board with 
>>Wind"...,01ef:29da) ret=029f:10a9 ds=02af
> Here appears the problem. The ini file seems to exist and to have
> correct values. However one Dll is not found. Hence the missing dll
> is probably the cause of the problem.

Ack... this is due to the transposition of lines that happened when I tried

pasting into Mozilla (see corrected copy, posted 10 minutes later). 
What prompts the error is the inability to load "WINASPI.DLL".  I don't 
understand this, because it should be going to for that, 

BTW, as I sifted through the trace, I found it checking for an 
undocumented option in 35mm.ini :)  "debugOn=1" bypasses the critical 
error and lets you play with all of the controls even though it can't 
talk to the scanner.  So, I can verify that the software works 
perfectly, except for the SCSI access.

markhaun at

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