WineX installation problem.

Alexis Mignon alexis.mignon at
Thu Nov 22 18:01:15 CST 2001


I've just tried to install winex under a mdk 8.1 linux distrib.
All seems to be right untill i launch wineinstall:
After answering yes,yes,/c
I obtain this message :

Configuring Wine for a no-windows install in /c...

Created /root/.wine/config using default Wine configuration.
You probably want to review the file, though.

Compiling regapi...
rm -f regapi && ln -s ../../wine regapi

Preparing to install default Wine registry entries...
Installing default Wine registry entries...

programs/regapi/regapi: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Registry install failed.

Yet, the does exist.
I assume that it is searched in the wrong dir but I do not know what to

Can anyone help me ?

PS:Please excuse my english, i'm a poor french guy lost in linux world.
If this question has already been answered please tell me where !


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