OK, I'm doing something stupid.

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Sat Nov 24 13:40:29 CST 2001

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> D. C. Sessions wrote:
>> Freshly installed Mandrake 8.1, no Windows anything except some
>> fonts.  Both the included 20010731 and the cooker 20010824
>> give me the same result when I try to run any Windows setup
>> from CD: I get a burst of
>> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_unlock
>> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock
> These happen all the time, don't worry about them.
>> So I admit that I'm probably being thick, but what am I missing?
> Do the universal solution, install the latest CVS snapshot of WINE.  My 
> Mandrake 8.1 (beta 3) has a bad version of WINE in it, but compiling a new 
> version fixed everything.


After spending the last week messing with wine builds,
I'm still getting nowhere.  All available Mandrake binaries
go into spin-forever mode in winereal, with no indication
(even in winedbg) of what's chewing up the cycles.  Trying
to build from source, the configure script complains that
I don't have the xpm and cups development libraries, but
they're there plain as day and I've even set the X-include
path to point to the xpl headers.

Getting Wine to work -- or at least COMPILE, for crying out
loud! -- on Mandrake shouldn't be this ugly.  I've used it
in earlier incarnations and although it wasn't perfect it
was usable.

Suggestions on finding what it's complaining about?

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