RTCW on Wine questions.........

Chris Wertman cwertman at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 18:42:48 CST 2001

Ok heres the deal.....

Im not a gamer, this is the first game Ive bought in 4 years so please
bear with me.

Ive been playing RTCW MP2 Test since it came out , I loved it.
Sooo...when it hit the shelves I bought it, now, heres the hook, I run
only linux...but Im a completley impatient person so....I bought the
windows version assuming I could run it under linux, I can, it rocks,
all except one detail in the single player version (I mostly wanted
the multi online) but its driving me nuts.

I CANT GET THE FRIGGIN SOUND RIGHT on the single player version, its
perfect on th e MP version (after some tweaking)But it sounds like a
78 rpm record at 33 rpm, ( Ive probably just dated myslef there with
the fact I know what that sounds like) sllloooowww , lagggy, I fire
and 5 seconds later a shot is heard.

I am running a RedHat 7.2 box , 512 megs, GeoForce2 Twin head 32 megs
ram, blah blah, blah, VIA chipset onboard sound, yes all modules are
loaded, as I said It works perfect on the Multi Player Version.

Wine is built using the CVS sources for TransGamings WineX on 11/22

I tried a couple of the HL sound hacks Ive seen, and unless Im doing
it wrong (very possible) it dosent work, the MP only had to have wav
only set to 1 to sound right.

Now when I fire wine , I get 2 distinct differences between SP and MP,

MP reads simply.
fixme:system SystemParamaterInfA unimplemented action :97 (something
screensaver suff runnning)
fixme:system SystemParamaterInfA unimplemented action :97 (something
screensaver suff runnning)

Now when I run the SP (Single Player)
I get that , plus the following error twice

I have tried all the touching of the dsound stuff in wine as suggested
in the HL wine docs, etc.

I have tried the reversing of dsound native, blah blah.

Anyway if anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it. 

This rocks on Linux, at work I have a dev box, its is dual boot, and
100% identical to this one, RTCW actually runs better under Wine than
on W2K.

Another oddity is the Networking under wine seems MUCH better than the
MP Test 2
native linux version.

Chris Wertman

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