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gerard patel g.patel at
Fri Nov 30 06:57:59 CST 2001

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 08:49:37 +0000, "T REX" <the1trex at>

>Ok so i have run the winedbg and got
>a lot of output, you kan find the log file at:
>I hope someone can get something out of it.

(here is the interesting part IMO)

=>0 0x4000de8b (_dl_init+0x57(env=0xbffff80c) [dl-init.c:139] in (ebp=406046fc)
  1 0x40385d23 (dl_open_worker+0x293(a=0x40604874) [dl-open.c:319] in (ebp=4060474c)
  2 0x4000dc83 (_dl_catch_error+0x93(args=0x40604874) [dl-error.c:151]
in (ebp=4060483c)
  3 0x40385f4e (_dl_open+0x6e [dl-open.c:362] in
  4 0x40386c51 (do_dlopen+0x21(ptr=0x406049c4) [dl-libc.c:78] in (ebp=406048ac)
  5 0x4000dc83 (_dl_catch_error+0x93(args=0x406049c4) [dl-error.c:151]
in (ebp=4060499c)
  6 0x40386afc (__libc_dlopen+0x38(__name=0x406049f4) [dl-libc.c:44]
in (ebp=406049dc)
  7 0x40368b6f (__nss_lookup_function+0x47f(ni=0x8096040,
fct_name=0x403972cf) [nsswitch.c:339] in (ebp=40604a5c)
  8 0x40369516 (__nss_lookup+0x26(ni=0x40604ad4, fct_name=0x403972cf,
fctp=0x40604ad8) [nsswitch.c:146] in (ebp=40604a8c)
  9 0x4036a4fc (__nss_hosts_lookup+0x38 in (ebp=40604abc)
  10 0x4036bf57 (gethostbyname_r@@GLIBC_2.1.2+0x163 in
  11 0x406d4bc0 (__ws_gethostbyname+0x74(name=0x40604b90,
dup_flag=0x1) [socket.c:2445] in (ebp=40604b44)
  12 0x406d4cee (WS_gethostbyname+0x4e(name=0x40604b90)
[socket.c:2487] in (ebp=40604b5c)
  13 0x0053b79e (ThinkBoxx.exe.__GetExceptDLLinfo+0x13a758 in
C:\ThinkBoxx\ThinkBoxx.exe) (ebp=40604c5c)
  14 0x0053b05f (ThinkBoxx.exe.__GetExceptDLLinfo+0x13a019 in
C:\ThinkBoxx\ThinkBoxx.exe) (ebp=40604d74)
  15 0x0056053f (ThinkBoxx.exe.__GetExceptDLLinfo+0x15f4f9 in
C:\ThinkBoxx\ThinkBoxx.exe) (ebp=40604dac)
  16 0x005606ba (ThinkBoxx.exe.__GetExceptDLLinfo+0x15f674 in
C:\ThinkBoxx\ThinkBoxx.exe) (ebp=40604dfc)
  17 0x4077b35f (WINPROC_wrapper+0x17 in (ebp=40604e20)
  18 0x4077b3ea (WINPROC_CallWndProc+0x82(proc=0x5605e6, hwnd=0x10028,
msg=0x110, wParam=0x10037, lParam=0x0) [winproc.c:173] in (ebp=40604e50)
  19 0x40780b08 (WINPROC_CallProc32WTo32A+0x80(func=0x5605e6,
hwnd=0x10028, msg=0x110, wParam=0x10037, lParam=0x0) [winproc.c:2435]
in (ebp=40604e78)
  20 0x4078103f (CallWindowProcW+0xab(func=0x42f10ab0, hwnd=0x10028,
msg=0x110, wParam=0x10037, lParam=0x0) [winproc.c:2675] in (ebp=40604eac)
  21 0x4075689c (DefDlgProcW+0x48(hwnd=0x10028, msg=0x110,
wParam=0x10037, lParam=0x0) [defdlg.c:389] in

It's clear from that that in the initialization of the user dialog
(msg=0x110 => message WM_INITDIALOG), the apps tries
to initialize a socket communication (WS_gethostbyname)
and the glibc crashes. This does not seem to have anything
to do with serial communication, btw. This kind of crash 
could more be seen as  a  result of a system problem - there
was some problem like that because of a glibc bug, but Wine
was changed to work around it. Anyway, can you say more
about your config ? os, glibc version, compiler version...
also say if this is a 'standard' distro config or something that you
have hand-tuned yourself ? also wine version, of course.


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