fixme:commdlg:GetFileName95 Flags 0x00000002 not yet implemented

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Fri Nov 30 15:25:33 CST 2001

Bob Washburne <rcwash at> wrote:
: Greetings!

: I am attempting to run Groove Mechanic ( )
: under wine.

: It is able to get past the licence check and record from the sound card.
: But when I attempt to open a WAV file to process I get the error
: message:

: fixme:commdlg:GetFileName95 Flags 0x00000002 not yet implemented

: and the program hangs with focus switching between the GM window and the
: file browser window at about one hertz.  The file open did actually
: appear to work once and I got to the next screen, but I have been unable
: to duplicate that success.

: Any and all help would be appreciated.

: ========
: My system is a dual boot (specs below) between RedHat 7.2 and WindowsME

: Groove Mechanic is a shareware utility which allows you to record vynel
: records through your sound card and filter out clicks, hiss and rumble.

: Groove Mechanic (GM) works as advertised under WindowsME.  I've
: processed several records with it.

: I configured the wine which came with RH 7.2.  I added the drive
: specifications to ~/.wine/config (A:FLOPPY, C:WINDOZE, D:APPS, E:GAMES,
: F:HOME, G:EMUS, H:CDROM, I:/home) and adjusted the paths as my \WINDOWS
: directory is on the D: drive.  All other setting were left to the values
: found in the sample config file.

: Wine appears to be working.  I can play MSHEARTS.EXE and GM does come up
: most of the way.

A google search for "getopenfilename 0x00000002" brings up e.g.
#define OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT 0x00000002

Try with the native commdlg/comdlg32 combo and report if it works there.

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