Half-life with wine

moonie moonie at gaganc.org
Mon Oct 1 20:24:00 CDT 2001

"E.Otten" wrote:
> Hi,
> I have tried to run half-life in linux with with wine.
> But there seams to be a problem with my graphics card.
> I can play games in linux with 3dfx support, but if I
> try to run half-life with wine it says that my graphics
> card doesn't support openGL.
> Does anyone know what I can do about this.
> I have got a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee.
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It is probably due to wine being compiled without OpenGL support.  I
would suggest downloading the 200107xx version of wine and reinstalling
it (not the newest one, it has a bug that keeps you from updating the
server list in HL).  When you install this using ./tools/wineinstall
(from the untarred dir) it should install with OpenGL support.  Be sure
you have opengl.h on your system before you try to install wine,
otherwise it won't have OpenGL support.

moonie ;)

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