Trouble setting up wine

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Tue Oct 2 11:54:36 CDT 2001

In article <3BB9E9DF.6BDF1771 at>, Dan Kegel  <dank at> wrote:
>bentley423 wrote:
>> I have followed the Installation Guide on the winehq website, but the "bz"
>> files they reference in the guide are not there.  All I could download was
>> the "unstripped-latest-version" rpm files, which I did.
>> Through following the installation instructions, I copied and renamed the
>> files, as well as changed the attributes, but all I come up with when
>> running wine -v is "cannot execute binary file".
>> When I run ldd /usr/local/bin/wine I get "not a dynamic executable",
>> despite the chmod a+x attribute I applied to it.
>> Am I running the wrong version (rpm vs binary) of this file?  I can't seem
>> to find any others, or any bz files on the site for download.
>Perhaps you should try the Codeweavers Preview; it's easier to
>install.  Or wait for Red Hat 7.2 or Debian Woody; they both will
>come with Wine integrated.

Or use Caldera, integrating WINE since 1999. ;)

Ciao, Marcus

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