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Tue Oct 2 22:32:37 CDT 2001

On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Rickey Johnson wrote:

> My sincere apologies... I realized that A and B didn't mean anything but I
> was trying to get across that A and B was any DLL installed by the
> installed program. At any rate, when I execute wine StarCraft.exe 2>oops i
> get the following:
> err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) msvcrt.dll needed by crtdll.dll not
> found
> err:module:load_library can't load crtdll.dll
> err:module:BUILTIN32_LoadLibraryExA loaded .so but dll crtdll.dll still not
> found
> err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) CRTDLL.dll needed by C:\Program
> Files\Starcraft\storm.dll not found
> err:win32:PE_LoadLibraryExA can't load C:\Program Files\Starcraft\storm.dll
> err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) storm.dll needed by C:\Program
> Files\Starcraft\StarCraft.exe not found
> mscvrt.dll is in the system directory and is specified in the config file
> as well as crtdll.dll

Next, I suppose, we need to see $WINEPREFIX/config.  This letter comes
by an app that loads mfc42.dll (that it installed in its own directory),
which then requires msvcrt.dll ( that it installed in windows/system ).

Here is my [DllOverrides]:

"*"            = "builtin, so, native"

"msvcrt"       = "native"
"riched32"     = "native"

"msvcrt"       = "native"

I admit, I am a bigot.  Wine builtins, when they work at all, work
better than Mr. Bill's.  My config probably won't work for you, but
maybe it will give you ideas?

> And when I execute the same with Swish 2.0 i get :
> fixme:pthread_kill_other_threads_np
> /usr/X11R6/bin/wine: line 22:  1131 Terminated              ${true_binary}
> "$@"
> Could not load 'WIN87EM.DLL' required by 'CRP9516C', error=11
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_unlock
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock
> FIXME:pthread_rwlock_unlock
> err:thunk:_loadthunk (C:\Program Files\SWiSH v2.0\01990f22.ckd,
> lcryp95_ThunkData16, cryp95e.DLL): Unable to load 'C:\Program Files\SWiSH
> v2.0\01990f22.ckd', error 2

Do you ^^^^^^ have this file?  error 2 is usually "no such"
AFAIK thunks are mechanisms by which 16 and 32 bit windows programs get
at each other.  They may be sparsely implemented in Wine.  Maybe we
slept through their heyday.
> I'm not really worried about the font problems in Swish as I can fix those.
> But on top of all that I get a window that pops up and says "Can't load
> cryp95.dll" and I get to press "OK" to continue (definately a Windows error
> screen from the look of it). I guess having SWiSH isn't necessary but I was
> hoping to have something to create flash movies with. If there is a good
> linux based alternative I would be more than happy to use it. Thanks in
> advance for any suggestions.
> -Rickey

Sorry, Wine is basically the only GUI app I use - to get and send mail
for free.  I am GUI challenged, but maybe someone else can help.


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