wine won't load anything

gerard patel g.patel at
Wed Oct 3 03:39:39 CDT 2001

On Wed, 03 Oct 2001 02:31:23 GMT, Rickey Johnson
<rjohnson25 at> wrote:

>err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) msvcrt.dll needed by crtdll.dll not 
>mscvrt.dll is in the system directory and is specified in the config file 
>as well as crtdll.dll

That's strange, if it does not find the 'native' msvcrt it should
use the builtin one; what version of Wine do you use ?

>character encoding 'k' in known registry 'koi8'

Many fonts have problems.
Normally these messages are shown only once,
but if Wine never succeeds to start, they are
always appearing.

>/usr/X11R6/bin/wine: line 22:  1131 Terminated              ${true_binary} 

>err:thunk:_loadthunk (C:\Program Files\SWiSH v2.0\01990f22.ckd, 
>lcryp95_ThunkData16, cryp95e.DLL): Unable to load 'C:\Program Files\SWiSH 
>v2.0\01990f22.ckd', error 2

Crypto use often means software protection - often does 
not work in Wine.

>I'm not really worried about the font problems in Swish as I can fix those. 

Not really.


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