Environment in child processes

Simon Birt simon.birt at sun.NOSPAM.com
Wed Oct 3 03:30:41 CDT 2001

I've recently been trying to run the United Devices THINK agent under wine.
On installation, all was going well until the registration process tried to
connect to the UD server, when it failed to establish contact. Investigation
of the debug messages revealed that it was getting the address to contact vi
a call into msvcrt.getenv() which was returning the value "C:\WINDOWS" for
all the values asked for. When I set shell environment variables for the
required values before running the registration process, everything worked.
I don't know where it gets these values from under native windows as that
requires no environment vars set.

When I then tried to run the client, it connected to the server fine, but
then spawned some child processes (appearing to run a DLL) which had the
same environment problem as I was initally experiencing, except all the
calls to getenv were returning ""C:=C:\PROG~FBU\UNIT~A1D".

Is there anything I have to do to ensure that child processes have the same
reported environment as the parent process, or am I barking up the wrong
tree altogether?

Apologies for the somewhat rambling mail - this is my first foray into using

Thanks in advance,


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