wine won't load anything

Rickey Johnson rjohnson25 at
Wed Oct 3 09:51:57 CDT 2001

IWhen I first tried to install the program it had a problem with icertain 
dll files and I specified them (I basically used the wine config file from 
MusicMatch Jukebox to figure this one out) as I had an empty config file. 
mscvrt was one of the first problems but after specifying it in the config 
the installs ran fine. Not sure why the programs give the same error after 
the installs worked... thats pretty much why I am confused. I was assuming 
that since the installers used this dll then the programs would use them as 
well. Ah well... still trying. 

gerard patel wrote:
> That's strange, if it does not find the 'native' msvcrt it should
> use the builtin one; what version of Wine do you use ?

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