Low speed of running win-application under Wine

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Oct 4 03:15:39 CDT 2001

moonie <moonie at gaganc.org> wrote:
s: Uwe Bonnes wrote:
:> keith frost <pfrostie at yahoo.com> wrote:
:> : I've run cad and 3D modelers with Wine.
:> : some of the unstripped builds are a little slow.
:> Stripping an application doesn't give any speed advance.

: He is refering to unstripped builds of Wine, not stripping the
: application.  Unstripped builds are builds that have all the debuggin
: stuff running.

Yes, that's what I am talking of. Unstripped builds of Wine don't run any
slower than stripped ones, as the debugging information resided in a
different code segment and isn't loaded until needed after a crash or when
run with winedbg. But running stripped build is a pain in the a?? when it
gets to debug via this newsgroup or mail...

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