wine won't load anything

moonie moonie at
Thu Oct 4 06:18:56 CDT 2001

Rickey Johnson wrote:
> ok... I just compiled then did a make install. everything seemed to go
> well... no errors or hangups but now wine doesn't run if I just type in
> wine... now I need to type in /usr/local/bin/wine and when I do that I get
> the following error:
> error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared
> object file: No such file or directory
> Any ideas?
> -Rickey
> > I just downloaded 20010824 and ran config and make depend... im in the
> > process of compiling. Hopefully my overclocked cpu is stable enough to
> > live through it and hopefully things will work after I get it installed. I
> > appreciate all the help.
> >
> > -Rickey
> >

I have found that it is best to install wine by using the installation
tool (this is the reccomended method from the documentation).  Go to the
directory you untarred wine into (wine-2001xxxx) and do
./tools/wineinstall.  This will configure make make install and set up
all the directories and links that you need to run it.

moonie ;)

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