noone has tried to run office2k ?

Lee J. lee at
Thu Oct 4 08:54:49 CDT 2001

On Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:32:32 +0100, Kuba awoke the pert and nimble spirit
of Usenet and gushed forth in a thuslike fashion:

> i suppose so,
> i just need to find someone who'll tell me that he(or she) did run
> office2k in wine and that it works really fine, in that case i'll try to
> do it
> in other case, there's no point in it
> so once again:
> did someone ???

I tried it on one of our machines once without success, but I was only
doing a quick check of heavy duty windows apps[1] to see how 'capable'
Wine was. I must emphasise though, that it was a plain old 'vanilla' Wine
call without any config. debugging because I don't care much about
Office2k.  O2K depends a lot on IE5 components and I imagine that causes a
lot of problems - in that IE4 runs under Wine painlessly but IE5 is a
different story.

[1] Bloated office-ware and MS/Borland IDE's.

Best regards :)
Lee J.
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