wine wount do anything

Henrik Farre look at my.signature.txt
Thu Oct 4 12:05:23 CDT 2001


I artikel <pan.2001. at my.signature.txt>, skrev
"Henrik Farre" <look at my.signature.txt>:

> #wine notepad.exe
> Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/
> The app dos not return, I have to kill it, to get the terminal back.

I have updatet the config file, but it still doesn't work:

"ScreenDepth" = "16"

And changed the permissions for /dev/mem to 644

I have run winecheck, and this is the output:
--------------------------- checking Wine base files ---------------------------
001. Checking for file "wine"...                            OK.
002. Checking for correct .so lib config (please wait)...   OK.

----------------------------- checking config file -----------------------------
003. Checking config file access...                         OK.

>>> Checking drive C settings:
004.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
005.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
006.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

>>> Checking drive D settings:
007.  Checking Path option...                               OK.
008.  Checking Type option...                               OK.
009.  Checking Filesystem option...                         OK.
--> OK.

--------------------- checking system devices used by Wine ---------------------
010. Checking sound device /dev/dsp...                      OK.
011. Checking audio mixer device /dev/mixer...              OK.
012. Checking MIDI sequencer device /dev/sequencer...       BAD (no kernel driver for /dev/sequencer?).
- ADVICE: module loading problems ? Read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.txt.

----------------------- checking registry configuration ------------------------
013. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries...    CRITICAL (entry "SHAREDMEMLOCATION" not found).
- ADVICE: file winedefault.reg doesn't seem to have been applied using regapi.
014. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   OK.

14 tests. 0 suspicious, 1 bad, 1 critical, 0 failed.
Wine configuration correctness score: 80.75%

Mvh. / Kind regards 
Henrik Farre (enrique at		

-If I where God, I would recompile the penguin with --enable-flying.

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