wine wount do anything

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Thu Oct 4 13:06:14 CDT 2001


I artikel <3bbcbab0.37830692 at>, skrev "gerard patel"
<g.patel at>:

> Well, it is. This message should appear 3127887 times in a google
> search. It shows a basic configuration problem with missing or incorrect
> entries in the Drives section - the [Drive C] entry usually.

Sorry, I meant that I had seen it on google, and fixed it :) 

> A thing to try is to reconfigure with --disable-opengl
> There are many problems seen on this ng with loading of X device driver
> when there are OpenGl configuration troubles

reconfigure.. like recompile??

If I run:
#wine --debugmsg +all notepad.exe

I get _a lot_ of output, but this keeps repeation:

0806da08:trace:seh:EXC_CallHandler calling handler at 0x4006f610 code=c000013a

What ever that means??

Mvh. / Kind regards 
Henrik Farre (enrique at		

-If I where God, I would recompile the penguin with --enable-flying.

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