wine wount do anything

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Thu Oct 4 13:41:34 CDT 2001


I artikel <3bbcc306.39965141 at>, skrev "gerard patel"
<g.patel at>:

> No, like rerunning ./configure
> Bummer, I just notice that you don't compile the stuff, you install from
> rpm :-/

Just tryed to downgrade to version 20010731, it got the same problem
> So yes, that means getting the source (link from and
> compiling it. If you try it (400 Mb necessary, about 15' compilation
> time on a 700Mhz Duron), remove the rpm before proceding.

> You have typed Ctrl C at the console and Wine probably did not like the
> act, and started to generate tons of faults (but it was certainly
> already hanging anyway)

The only thing that works is to suspen it and then #killall -9 wine

I will try some different versions and other Dists, to see if it will
work, if I get the time I will try to recompile it.

Thanks for the help.

Mvh. / Kind regards 
Henrik Farre (enrique at		

-If I where God, I would recompile the penguin with --enable-flying.

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