wine wount do anything

moonie moonie at
Thu Oct 4 16:30:04 CDT 2001

Henrik Farre wrote:
> Yello
> I artikel <pan.2001. at my.signature.txt>, skrev
> "Henrik Farre" <look at my.signature.txt>:
> > I will try some different versions and other Dists, to see if it will
> > work, if I get the time I will try to recompile it.
> Well, look at that... codeweavers-wine-20010626-4.i386.rpm works just
> fine. :)
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> Mvh. / Kind regards
> Henrik Farre (enrique at
> Webpage:
> -If I where God, I would recompile the penguin with --enable-flying.

It very well may work, however I need OpenGL support for the things I
run with Wine.  Did you compile the wine-20010731 by using ./configure
make make install, or the way the docs say to, using
./tools/wineinstall.  This makes a HUGE difference as it sets up the
config file as well (as the codeweavers-wine does)

moonie ;)

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